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Message From Principal

CBIA has been able to build an image that is best known for quality, sincerity and integrity that enables students to bring out the best in them. Besides imparting academics prescribed by the Government, we do things differently like equipping the students with various skills which will enable them to frame and shape their lives in future as well. Our impulse is to create a kind of education which is child oriented and develop a loving autonomy

In CBIA, we inspire the confidence in the students to know for certain that each of them lives a treasure which they only can discover. Secondly we help the power of imagination to develop as the children live very much out of powers of imagination. Finally, we bring the world closer to the children and teens. We try to make it happen at all levels. Not just in theory.

If we can achieve these three tasks and create proper teaching environment for the students, I am sure that loving autonomy can be developed.