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07 Dec, 2020

CBIA School Shines

Pepsicola area, March 2, 2023: CBIA School has once again proven its excellence in the academic field, as 5 of its students secured top positions in the 2078 Secondary Education Examinations. The exams were held under the Fair Educational Competitors' Association, where 25 schools from the Pepsicola area participated.

Rythm Khadka, a student of CBIA School, secured the first position with a remarkable GPA of 3.95. Barsa Chapagain, another student from the same school, secured the second position with a GPA of 3.90. Kritika Gachyadar Khawas, Senis Ghartimagar, and Ashrik Pathak, all students of CBIA School, secured the third position with a GPA of 3.85.

The outstanding performance of these students has not only brought glory to CBIA School but has also made the Pepsicola area proud. The Founder of CBIA School, Mr. Tej Shrestha, expressed his joy and congratulated the students for their exceptional achievement. He further stated that the success of these students is the result of the school's constant effort to provide quality education and a conducive learning environment.

The parents of the students also expressed their happiness and credited the teachers for their hard work and dedication towards the students' education. They further stated that the school has always prioritized the overall development of the students and has provided them with opportunities to excel in different fields.

The news of CBIA School's success has spread like wildfire, and people from different parts of the Pepsicola area are congratulating the school and its students. This achievement has undoubtedly put CBIA School on the map as one of the best schools in the area.

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