First English Debate Competition

Taking a challenge of running off the track, CBIA for the first time organized English Debate 22nd of Janauary, Friday. It was declared to the teachers 2 weeks earlier in a meeting and the mentors for the same were also fixed in the same meeting. Students were given a week time to have their preparation with the help of their mentors. There were two sections- seniors (VI-IX) and juniors (III-V). Topic for seniors was “Federal System of Government is Good for Nepal” similarly “Watching TV is productive” was the topic for juniors. Altogether 24 students debated on the very day out of which one was declared the Best Debater from each section and was awarded with a trophy at the end of the program. Besides, a trophy was conferred upon Winner (Senior+Junior). Pranish Ghimire from Grade V and Neha Basnet from Grade VIII were the ones to win the trophy for Best Debater. From both sections, the Team debating in favour immersed to be the winners.